The Branch Executive Committee (BEC) shall:

  • Meet as soon as possible after its election and allocate tasks and functions among its members to enable it to carry out the day-to-day activities of the Branch;
  • Carry out the publicity and organisational work in its area in furtherance of the policies, programmes and decisions of the ANC;
  • Meet at least once per fortnight;
  • Submit reports on its work to the Branch meeting and at least each month to the Regional Executive Committee;
  • Co-opt not more than 3 (three) persons, if it considers it necessary to ensure greater representativity.
  • The quorum for each meeting of the Branch Executive Committee shall be 50% (fifty percent) plus 1 (one) of the total BEC membership.
  • The quorum for the Annual Branch Meeting and any other Branch meetings where the Branch makes nominations of candidates for elections within the ANC or for public representatives or takes decisions relating to policy matters, shall be 50% (fifty per cent) plus 1 (one) of the total paid-up members of the Branch.



Every member of the ANC shall belong to a branch, which is the basic structure of the organisation.

The branch shall:

  • Be registered with the PEC and have a minimum of 100 (one hundred) members, provided that the PEC may confer special recognition, where due to exceptional circumstances, the Branch has fewer than 100 (one hundred) members;
  • Meet as provided for in the rules and regulations, at least once per month in a general meeting;
  • Be the place where members exercise their basic democratic rights to discuss and formulate policy;
  • Be the basic unit of activity for members.
  • Elect at a biennial general meeting a Branch Executive Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, and 10 (ten) additional members. A person must have been a member of the ANC for 2 (two) years before she or he can be nominated to a Branch Executive Committee of the ANC, provided that where a new Branch is being established, the PEC may waive this provision. The ANC Veterans' League, the ANC Women's League and ANC Youth League shall be represented on the BEC, by the chairperson and secretary of the ANC Veterans' League Branch, the ANC Women's League Branch and the ANC Youth League Branch within that Branch, with ex-officio status.
  • Branches covering an extensive geographical area, or in respect of which some special circumstance exists, may divide into smaller manageable units. Such units shall only be used as a co-coordinating and administrative tool by the Branch and shall not possess any decision-making powers. These units shall operate on the basis of acceptable democratic principles and practices.
  • In accordance with Rule 6 above, not less than 50% (fifty per cent) of the directly elected and co-opted members of the BEC shall be women.


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